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I'm based in Helsingborg, Sweden and live and work there and in Ljungskile.

In my art practise I am interested in traces, processes, time and materiality. The result of my exploration is not material bound. I mostly work in ceramics, macro photography and aquarelle painting and often connected to nature. In my photography and painting I want to explore the borderland between the abstract and figurative, and and how new forms of landscapes are emerging when photographing up close. I work parallel with several materials and often translate one medium into another.

I find meetings interesting, both material wise and meetings between me as a human being compared to other species or materials. In my art I approach the small things and enlargen it to h
ighlight a detail or to uplift the status of the material in order to give it new life.


Group exhibition at Karantänen, Helsingborgs konstförening 10/2 - 10/3 2024

Exhibitions and other

Group exhibition with SAK UNG, Växjö Konsthall 2019

Artist residency at ComPeung, Thailand 2017

Performance with Sasha Huber, Kalmar Konstmuseum 2017

Final exhibition Ölands Konstskola 2, Kalmar Konstmuseum 2017

Final exhibition Munka Konstskola 1, Galleri Moment 2016

Group exhibition in RumEtt, Dunkers Kulturhus 2015


Bergen Art Academy (Kunstakademiet - Institutt for kunst, musikk og design, KMD) 2017-2018

Ölands Konstskola 2, Ölands Folkhögskola 2016-2017Munka

Konstskola 1, Munka Folkhögskola 2015-2016

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